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Review: Resolution by Lamb of God

Review: Resolution by Lamb of God

Artist: Lamb of God

Album: Resolution

Label: Epic Records, 2012

Genre: Heavy Metal

Pros: Aggressive vocals, strong riffs, solid album throughout.

Cons: Not too adventurous, they play it safe sound wise. Don’t want them to change too much, but they could think outside the box just a smidge!

Verdict: Buy! If you’re a fan of LoG or metal for that matter, then this is right in your wheel house!


Review: Greetings music lovers! I know what you’re thinking, “T Fizzle!! You listen to Lamb of God??” And I reply, “I’m a 6’3 black guy from the south, of course I listen to Lamb of God!” With that outta the way, I guess you know what’s on tap this review? We have the latest from Virginia based metal band Lamb of God titled “Resolution.” Now I’m still fairly new to the band, and I’ve only caught two of their previous releases, so I can’t give a full scale account of their history. What I can tell you is that based on their previous work, LoG is starting to get lumped into the group of modern metal bands such as Killswitch Engage and Five Finger Death Punch.  Like the previous bands mentioned, LoG has cut out a niche for themselves and figured out exactly what kind of sound they want to put out. They’ve gotten skilled in this particular niche and have become dedicated to their sound no matter where music trends are headed.

This has become evident with their latest release “Resolution.” The album starts off with a gritty, heavy, sluggish track “Straight For The Sun.” The song has a slow, doomy riff, and starts the album off on a slow, but good pace. After that, the tempo begins to pick up with the tracks “Desolation”, “Ghost Walking”, and “Guilty”. I was impressed with the tracks “Ghost Walking” and “Guilty,” both showed a good mix of strong riffs and a change of different speeds. I had a feeling by the second or third track that this would be the type of album that picks up as it goes along, and I was right! The album remains solid throughout, boasting great riffs, and strong vocals. The only thing missing is some memorable choruses, but other than that the album is legit!

Now some people may say that the fact that LoG has not changed sound wise, means that they have not grown as a band; I beg to differ. They’re not one of those bands that have become tired or complacent, and are just putting out an album to cut a check.  They still show imagination and creativity in each song, and each album. The alternative could be worse, with the band “progressing” and “growing” on every album, so much that they become unrecognizable by the hardcore fans. I wouldn’t consider LoG predictable, but more or less dependable. They are kind of like the Foo Fighters of metal, and that’s a good thing! Strong tracks, aggressive riffs, it’s metal at its best! Give it one or two spins, metal fans should like the mess outta it… Enjoy!

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Review: Finally Famous by Big Sean

Review: Finally Famous by Big Sean

Artist: Big Sean

Album: Finally Famous

Label: G.O.O.D Music/Def Jam, 2011

Genre: Hip Hop

Pros: Excellent wordplay, solid production from Kanye West and No I.D.

Cons: He sounds a little like Drake or is it the other way around?

Verdict: Buy! This album is solid, with not only great lyrics, but fun tracks. Could’ve been an A+, homerun except for some midlevel songs on here that got the album downgraded, but that’s to be expected for his debut album.


Review: Greetings music lovers! Ya’ boy T Fizzle is back, with another review, from yet another mixtape titan, this time I give you Big Sean! The Detroit native signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music, is no stranger to hype. Big Sean has been making his name known in the mixtape circuit, and building up a lot of underground cred along with other rookies Wale, Cudi, and Drake! I hadn’t heard of Sean till recently, while watching the 2011 BET Awards, so I admit I was a bit behind. Considering what label he was signed to and who his mentor is (Kanye), I figured I give it a spin!

At its core, Finally Famous is the genuine story of the spoils that the Def Jam signee has tasted since earning true fame during the last year or so, and what it took to get there. As a result, the disc follows a continuous narrative thread. It’s predictable but true: Let’s toast to the good life that we’re finally living, and let’s toast again, to all the people who didn’t think we’d make it. While the premise is unimaginative, it’s hard to fault Sean for spitting what he’s living. Sean freshens any stale content, though, with an ability to attack an overindulged subject with creativity. “People who talk sh*t is feeling like dickheads/Saw me on the Web like I had an extra six legs,” he raps on the standout Wiz Khalifa and Chiddy Bang collaboration “High.”

His first single “My Last” featuring Chris Brown, sets this theme early, and it’s continued often, on cuts like “Get It” “High,” “Live This Life” (featuring The-Dream) and the party anthem “Marvin & Chardonnay” (featuring Kanye West and Roscoe Dash). And although Mr. West doesn’t get any tracks on his artist’s debut album, the soundscape of “Finally Famous” is still strong. Bestowing his golden touch on more than half of the album’s songs, No I.D. provides Big Sean with an ideal sonic backdrop to infuse his offering with a decidedly summer fun feel, and the 23-year-old MC’s typically innovative flow and delivery come off as ideal complements to No I.D.’s upbeat, soulful production. Whether it’s his constant changes in inflection or his ability to effortlessly switch the tempo of his flow, Sean’s unique vocal approach is key.

Although Sean doesn’t hit his lyrical pinnacle on “Finally Famous,” the Motown-bred upstart still displays the deft way with words that has solidified his position as next up on the G.O.O.D. Music roster. On the whole, the album is too radio ready, lacking risk, but when Sean flexes, on tracks like “I Do It,” his skill is evident. Later, the typically boastful MC especially shines when he lets his guard down. “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” is a candid recounting of a roller-coaster relationship, while “Memories (Part II)” provides a moment of sincerity that adds a level of depth to the album and hints at the breath of the MC’s potential. Big Sean is justifiably basking in his moment on Finally Famous, oozing lyrically dexterous flamboyance over lighthearted production. And as it turns out, even for those who aren’t living the life, Sean makes it easy to feel like they are. “Finally Famous” is a solid album, just short of being epic! Imo, definitely worth the listen… enjoy!

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Review: Short Songs by Silverstein

Review: Short Songs by Silverstein

Pros: Relentless, fast-paced, and fun.

Cons: Songs are too damn short, but so good!!

Verdict: Borrow! The songs are short, but great and the punk covers are pretty good as well!


Review: 20 minutes! What are some of the things that you can do in 20 minutes? Well, you can watch an episode of Bleach on Hulu (commercial free of course), you can cook a Tombstone pizza (in your oven, not your microwave, duh), and you can listen to Silverstein’s “Short Songs”… I chose the latter! The latest release from the Canadian hardcore band is just as advertised. An assortment of 22 shorts songs, half original songs and the other half a collection of punk covers. The punk covers give you a great look in to the music that influenced the band, from Dead Kennedys, to Green Day, from Gorilla Biscuits to Gob, it’s a who’s who of great classic punk bands.

Named after the cover of the Dead Kennedy’s song (also on the album), “Short Songs” hits hard, with some of the bands heaviest work to date. Right from the jump the band hits you with the opening track “Sick As Your Secrets”. This is hands down one of my favorite tracks, and it’s a minute and eight seconds of heavy riffs and pure fury! Other notables include: “Sin & Redemption”, “World on Fire”, and “One Last Dance”. Actually, all the original songs are worth a listen, and I wish to hell they weren’t so dang short!!  As I mentioned before, the latter half of the album is comprised of classic punk covers such as: “The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink” by Green Day, “On Our Kneex” by The Swarm and the afore mentioned “Short Songs” by Dead Kennedys. The punk covers range from good to… meh!? The band gives their own original spin to each cover, and most of them are pretty good and fun to listen to.

Overall, “Short Songs” is a great listen and it’s Silverstein at its best, the only knock is that the songs are so Dang short! The original songs kick ass, but just when you’re into it… it’s over! Kinda like sex on prom night… not that is was short or bad! Hell, I haven’t heard any complaints, what have you heard!? If you’re a fan of the band, then you’ll love “Short Songs” and if you’re new to Silverstein then this will make you wanna peep out their previous work. Either way, you’ll love “Short Songs”!

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