TL;DR 4/2/12: Ted, Total Recall, Steve Jobs, Girls Around Me

TL;DR 4/2/12: Ted, Total Recall, Steve Jobs, Girls Around Me

April 2, 2012 11:18 am 3 comments


I’ll go ahead and warn you, today’s going to be a little movie heavy because I haven’t done a lot on that front lately. Anyway, here we go. Google’s done something pretty cool to help out people that need directions. They’ve started giving estimated travel times based on the traffic, again. If you want to help out just turn on My Location on Google Maps for Android. Sure, the ever watchful eye of Google will know your every move, but for your sacrifice you’ll be allowing others to know whether they’ll be five minutes early or five minutes late.

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What’s Big, Furry, And Dirty?

The bear is voiced by Seth MacFarlane. Enough said.


When you were a kid did you ever wish one of your stuffed animals would come to life? Ted is a movie about just that. The trailer is really funny and did its job beautifully. I really want to see this movie.



Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

"I kinda feel... Secret Agenty. Is that normal?"


I don't feel right calling it a remake, so I'll call it what I think it'll end up being: A re-adaptation. The new trailer looks great. It doesn't look like they're on Mars, and I'm okay with that. Blonde John Cho? Check. Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel both looking hot? Check. Bryan Cranston? Check. It'll be good.



That's An Interesting Choice

"I've had it up to here with you Woz!" - You can't prove that he never said that.


If you had to pick who to play Steve Jobs in a biopic, who would you choose? I'll wait, just rattle off the first 5 names that come to mind. Was Ashton Kutcher among them? Yep, that's going to happen, for better or worse. Don't count him out too soon, he could surprise us.





There was an app on the iTunes App Store called Girls Around Me that scours Facebook and Foursquare to give the adventuring stalker a map of girls that are nearby. It was taken down on Saturday, but it was on there for a while. Kind of makes you rethink allowing your phone to track where you're at, doesn't it?

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Anyway, Happy Monday! I'll be here all week. Do you know of any interesting websites you think I should keep an eye on for news? Well don't just stand there. Tell old @kelknaughty about it.



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