TL;DR 3/22/12: Scam, Draw Something, Stereotype, Ratchet & Clank

TL;DR 3/22/12: Scam, Draw Something, Stereotype, Ratchet & Clank

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Have you ever wondered what caused male pattern baldness? It turns out that a fatty compound called Prostaglandin builds up on the scalp. Luckily there are a few drugs that block the buildup so pretty soon there may be a cream you can buff your head with to get your hair back.



Should I Feel Bad?

I bet this is how the scammers feel right now.


There's a scam going on that's actually kind of brilliant. After the take down of MegaUpload a group started sending out fake notices accusing people of illegally downloading something and taking payments to make it go away. They don't specify what was downloaded or include the usual cease-and-desist legal jargon but they do use fake timestamps and IP addresses to make their case.

Torrent Freak


Shut Up And Take My Money...

or else.


Zynga has paid about $200 million to buy OMGPOP, creator of Draw Something. It looks like their winning business strategy is summed up as such: Find something popular. Buy that thing. If they won't sell, copy it. Capitalism!

All Things D


Stereotypes Are Fun

I don't think he'd put up with these shenanigans.


Let's say you're a Catholic priest and you really feel like you should live up to what's expected of you, but you want to do it with some pizazz. One way you could do that would be to sell your Nintendo DS and forget to remove the child porn on it. Then when your computer is being searched you could claim you only go to sites that state their models are of age. And to really finish off with a bang you could say something like, “Well, those aren't adults,” when no-kidding, for real child porn is found on it. I salute you, Rudolph Carl Bullman. You really raised the bar for your colleagues.



Happy 10th!

They're here to customize you... to death.


Ratchet and Clank will be given the HD treatment for their 10th anniversary. Trophies are going to be included as will the awesome online multiplayer mode that a lot of people weren't able to play when it first released. Europe gets it this Spring and America will see a Fall release. The wait will be worth it because they've got something up their sleeve for the anniversary celebration.

Playstation Blog

So, I've always disliked Facebook games but there's one that got its hooks into me. Marvel: Avengers Alliance is actually pretty good. There are a few things that I would change, but it's a solid game. Anyway, I'll be going now. If you've got something you'd like to add, the comment section is below and you can always find me, @kelknaughty, on Twitter.


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