TL;DR 3/12/12: The Avengers, DoubleFine, Diablo 3, Mass Effect 3

TL;DR 3/12/12: The Avengers, DoubleFine, Diablo 3, Mass Effect 3

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Good morning! That whole “spring ahead” bullcrap is still messing with me, so this is going up about an hour late. Anyway, there’s a rumor that the next Xbox is going to function sans disc. I’m sure the idea behind such a thing would be to combat used game sales. I don’t know about you, but I like having physical copies of the things I buy. If they do move to a download only system, I’m sure I won’t be the only person not buying one.



Skrull? Kree? Nah.

As long as the movie version is a total badass like Ultimate Hawkeye, I'll be happy.


Joss Whedon has killed rumors that the bad guys in The Avengers are either the Skrulls or the Kree. Well, then. Who the hell are they fighting? Oh, god. He said “or.” They’re going to be an amalgamation. We’ll find out for sure in a couple months.

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I seriously had to resist the temptation to put a monocle on their logo.


I'm sure you remember the big news about DoubleFine's Kickstarter funding being a little more successful than originally expected. Well, it ends tomorrow and the money raised is just shy of $3 million. Holy. Crap. That was the budget of Grim Fandango.



Pull No Punches

You'll be murdering complete strangers in no time.


Blizzard has a long history of making sure everything is working as intended before launch. They're living up to my expectations even more. They've announced that PvP won't launch with the game because it's not up to their standards. While that sucks, you have to respect them not wanting to half-ass such a big project. Don't worry, it'll get patched as soon as PvP is ready.



It's A GAME!

You're turning fun into some kind of misguided crusade.


Many fans aren't happy with the ending of Mass Effect 3. Instead of just griping about it on forums and eventually coming to terms with it, they're demanding that Bioware patch it to change the ending. You read that right. I guess the thought process was, “I get everything I ever whine about long enough. If I whine about this ending long enough, they'll fix it.” Now the rest of us have to finish raising your crappy kid by stomping all over his sense of entitlement. Where's my child support?


I realize I got a little worked up at the end there, but I can't believe the world we live in now. If you have any funny stories about crushing a demanding child's dreams, let me know on Twitter, @kelknaughty, or in the comments.


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