TL;DR 3/8/12: Solar Flare, Mass Effect 3, Velociraptors, Newegg

TL;DR 3/8/12: Solar Flare, Mass Effect 3, Velociraptors, Newegg

March 8, 2012 11:55 am 1 comment

Have you been worried that you’re not going to be able to watch the Olympics this year due to not having the right channels on your TV? Worry no more because NBC is going to stream it live. I’m looking forward to watching some crazy matches of Judo, Boxing, Taekwondo, Fencing, and Table Tennis. What? Those guys get pretty vicious.

NBC Olympics


Not Apocalyptic

Eww, your mass ejection is showing.


Tuesday night there was a pretty big solar flare that launched a coronal mass ejection right at us. It hit Earth this morning around 5:45 EST. It’s more intense than the one that caused canceled flights in January. Keep an eye out because lower latitudes just might be able to catch a few aurorae over the next couple days.



It’s Just A Game, People

I wonder what Bioware is going to get hated on for next...


Bioware is receiving a new wave of internet hatred following the release of Mass Effect 3. This time people are throwing fits because of Tali's face. A doctored stock photo from Getty was used in the game as a picture of her. A: Who cares? What major effect will this have on your everyday life? B: They should never have had any kind of reveal. Part of the draw for that character was the mystery. C: Get over it. It's their property to treat however they want. At least they used a picture of someone pretty. They could have made her look like a monkey f$%#ing a bullfrog.



Things Are Completely Different Now

Draw me like one of your Pangea girls.


You remember the fearsome velociraptors from Jurassic Park, right? Well, it turns out they were more of a turkey sized scavenger. How could we possibly know that? A fossilized velociraptor was found with bones from a pterosaur in it's stomach. Pterosaurs were huge compared to raptors and they could fly. The only way a raptor could eat part of a pterosaur is if it was already injured or dead.



Good Thing You Pre-Ordered... Aww

"Put Jimmy in charge of filling orders." "Sir, he can't read." "What's the worst that could happen?" - How I imagine this mixup being set in motion.


Many people pre-order games from online retailers to be sure they get a copy when it releases. It's a foolproof plan unless you ordered from Newegg. Many of their customers were expecting Mass Effect 3 and instead received Madden 12. Newegg is contacting customers to get the returns started and offering free overnight shipping to rectify the mistake. I'm curious how something like this happened on such a large scale.


It's been raining and it's starting to lightning again so I foresee a time of great strife during which my computer will be powered down and many comics will be read. Keep me in your thoughts. If you have any well-wishing you'd like to do leave a comment or find me, @kelknaughty, on Twitter.


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