TL;DR 3/6/12: GAME, Hercules, Hawken, Iran

TL;DR 3/6/12: GAME, Hercules, Hawken, Iran

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This is something that I’ve suspected for a while. Apparently it’s finally been scientifically confirmed that redheads feel pain differently than “normals.” They’re more sensitive to cold but get a +1 to resist stinging pain and anesthetics. They also get toothaches more often and have a higher risk of sclerosis and endometriosis. Well… at least tattoos don’t hurt me as much as most people.

Science Nordic


Kick ‘Em While They’re Down

They had to rework their open signs to break the news to people.


GAME, The United Kingdom's biggest gaming retailer, may be in its death throes. After announcing that they couldn't stock The Last Story or Mass Effect 3 things were looking a little grim. Now they won't be stocking Street Fighter X Tekken or Asura's Wrath. I'll let you know more when I find anything else out.



Can You Smell What Hercules Is Cooking

This is not how you infuse a weapon with poison damage.


Dwayne Johnson is going to be playing Hercules in the movie based on the Radical comic. The comic is amazingly brutal, so I'll be extremely disappointed with a rating less than R.



December Needs To Get Here

Who's a sexy mechy girl?


There's a new trailer for Hawken, and it looks pretty sweet. Not too shabby for an Indie game. I know what I'll be doing on 12/12/12, do you?



Good News

If you tweak it a little and turn it on its side, you're in Italy!


The man that Iran was accusing of spying for the CIA has had his death sentence overturned. He's still in custody, but the situation is looking a little better.


Ah, news just the way I like it. Mostly good with a sprinkle of bad. If you've got any sites you'd like me to keep an eye on let me know either in the comments or on Twitter, @kelknaughty.


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