TL;DR 2/15/12: Kodak, TMNT, Twisted Metal, The Walking Dead

TL;DR 2/15/12: Kodak, TMNT, Twisted Metal, The Walking Dead

February 15, 2012 12:33 pm 3 comments


Most of us have played a game online and had to listen to some douche trash talking, right? On Monday a teenager was playing Black Ops with some of his friends when a voice he didn’t recognize started talking to him over the headset. He said he was going to call a SWAT team to surround the kids house. Half an hour later, a SWAT team was at his house yelling at him through a bullhorn. The unknown guy called in a shooting at the teenager’s house. He didn’t mention that it wasn’t real.



Kick ‘Em While They’re Down

At this point they should change their logo to a dude bent over offering lube to the guy that's about to rape him.


Apple has decided to sue the crap out of an already bankrupt Kodak. Why? Patent infringement. Pretty much the only thing Kodak’s going to focus on now is printers and that’s one of the patents Apple’s going after them for. Even without Jobs, they’re leaking douche everywhere.



TMNT Director

By far, my favorite childhood cartoon.


Jonathan Liebesman, director of Battle: LA, is in talks to direct a live-action reboot for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I think he’s up to the task. The script is up to the writers of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. This is looking better and better.



Twisted Movie

Maybe the movie will cover the time before the games and we'll see him become a hothead.


What do you think a fitting project would be after the new Ghost Rider movie? If you said Twisted Metal, you are correct. Brian Taylor has made a 7 figure deal to write and direct a live-action Twisted Metal. Movies on the horizon for the next couple years are looking better and better. Just keep Uwe Boll in the dark.



Playing Dead

Move along, no spoilers to see here. Or are there?


If you didn't already know, TellTale is going to make a series of episodic games serving as a prequel to The Walking Dead. Now we'll know what the other survivors were up to before Rick joined up. It looks like it's going to follow the story of the comics. That's for the best.


This is the best hump day in recent memory. If you've got any websites that you think I need to keep an eye on, let me know in the comments or on Twitter. I'm @kelknaughty and I'll be back again tomorrow whether you want me to or not.



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