Review: Unko-san

Review: Unko-san

January 19, 2012 12:00 pm 3 comments

“10 Strange Anime You Would Have Never Thought Of” Challenge, Part 7: Unko-san


One night, my friend Dalya was on StumbleUpon and brought up one gem of an article through 10 Strange Anime You Would Have Never Thought of. Being anime fans of eccentric tastes, Dalya and I were curious as to what was listed; boy, did we hit the jackpot on the most WTF we’ve ever heard!

After skimming through the list about twice and YouTubing for clips for these absurd titles, we decided to give them all a try and see for ourselves who would create these shows with a sane mind (minus Pokémon, as we’ve already known and loved this anime).


PROS: A unique concept, short episodes, unique characters.

CONS: An anime about poop sprites…, can’t access in English, bizarre plot

CONCLUSION: “Rent” by watching the lone episode if you’re curious.

I don’t know who came up with this, but I feel the roundtable discussion for this series was located in the bathroom stall.

But what more do you expect from a show titled “Mr. Feces”?

This 13-episode Flash-animated series already has a second series; bean bags shaped like crap, and has generated controversy among the Korean community against a “racist” stool.

So from what I took from the only episode I could find in decent subtitles, the anime is about a lucky island of “poop fairies” and their misadventures. The main character who shares the anime title, Unko-san, is a kind-hearted fellow who happens to be a lucky poop fairy to boot.

As for the best plot summary I can draw from the two minute and thirty second video on YouTube, Unko-san is caught-up with running into a stranger and breaking his expensive wine bottle. But then, it’s soon revealed that his friend, Baba-kun is in disguise and had stolen the wine.

Ashamed, his friend flees for the cliffs to end it all. Unko-san tries to talk Baba-kun down, but Baba-kun feels compelled to end it all after his weight-lifting father’s hospital visits (after a bizarre stew spill, angry bull run-in, and manhole opening fall contained in one flashback) have wiped their funds completely and has to resort to theft.

Thankfully, Unko-san is a lucky turd, so he gives his fellow dookie some luck, and all is well. But just when you think this couldn’t get any more outlandish, the anime pulls a fast one and Baba-kun changes tune and dives off into the sea.

As he sinks, a farm of clams plead for the food baby to detour immediately. When Baba-kun denies this action, a clam offers a pearl in exchange for his foul absence. Hopeful for the future now that he can sell his new treasure to pay off the hospital bills, he thanks Unko-san.

Now if any of this intrigued you, I encourage you to pursue this series, as I’m curious what goes on beyond the first episode (as I couldn’t find anything streaming in English subtitles).

For me, I’m still in awe how “Unko-san” got a second season, but I suppose if you’re a fan of excrement sprites having emotions and odd conversations, then I shall slow-clap for you.

But as an otaku, I cannot recommend this on quality, plot, nor art-style. But, I will recommend watching for “shits” and giggles, as you can’t just make this crap up. To me, “Unko-san” definitely fits into the “10 Strange Anime You Would Have Never Thought Of” category.

Good for you, “Unko-san”. Good for you.


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